Keyboard Stationery Set

  • RM 22.90

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This Keyboard Stationery Set is a practical yet stylish addition to any work area, freeing up space and reducing clutter.

The “Enter” key is magnetic, to hold paper clips; the other removable “keys” include a keyboard brush, a stapler, and a hole puncher and are cleverly incorporated into the keyboard shaped organiser, making your desktop neat and tidy, ensuring you can easily locate your stationary when you need it.

This is a novel eye-catching addition to the work place and makes an excellent functional gift for both those who like everything in its place and the more disorganised amongst us.

Product Features & Specification

  • Looks like a mini keyboard
  • Best for any office, school or home desk.
  • Keycaps that cleverly conceal the items - paperclip dispenser, hole-punch, stapler and a little keyboard brush
  • A great way to keep your stationery tidy and fit it in with your desk at the office or at home
  • It is small and neat that you will be able to fit it perfectly in any bag or pencil case.
  • Best gift for your friends and newly-joined colleague
  • Dimensions: 15.4cm x 6.9cm x 4.3cm

Package Contents

  • 1x paper hole punch
  • 1x stapler
  • 1x keyboard cleaning brush
  • 1x paper clip dispenser

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