How Do I Place Order

It is very simple to place order with us.
Simply follow the steps as shown below:-

  1. Click "Add To Cart” button on the products you wish to purchase.
  2. Check the desired item quantity or other detail such as e.g. Variant, Colour.
  3. To continue shopping, please click "continue shopping" button and continue shopping.
  4. To finish shopping, please click "checkout" button to proceed.
  5. For existing member with us, you may log in now by clicking "log in".
  6. For new member, please fill up the necessary information such as email address and your shipping address.
  7. Once done, please click "continue to shipping method" for courier arrangement.
  8. Choose your shipping method. If you are eligible for free shipping, it will be shown here.
  9. You may also apply your discount code here if you have one.
  10. Continue to click "continue to payment method" for payment arrangement.
  11. Please double confirm your shipping address and all the necessary detail here.
  12. Choose your preferred payment method here and click "complete order" button.
  13. Make payment.
  14. If you opt for bank transfer, please inform payment through our email address/contact form or live chat.

Enjoy Shopping!

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